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Simple, fast, and accessible AI virtual home staging

Renovate, furnish, and declutter interiors and exteriors unlimited for $9.99 per month

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+10000 users

Renovate and furnish their interiors and exteriors in just a few clicks

And thousands of real estate professionals...

Helping their clients envision themselves

Get up to 7x more clicks on their listings

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Sell up to 20% faster & for more


Your Interior Design AI

Access the most comprehensive and accessible interior design and home staging artificial intelligence on the market, unlimited.

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22 spots remaining this month

Renovate the interiors

In just a few minutes, our AI generates professional interiors from a simple photo, while preserving the room's structure

Say goodbye to dated or overly personal decorations with our 80+ styles

Furnish automatically

Bring empty rooms to life by furnishing them automatically, in over 80 styles. Get layout ideas, and reveal the potential of your spaces in seconds.

Design in 3D

Use our 3D editor to drag and drop your furniture directly onto your photos, and fully control your layout. Our unique technology automatically detects the proportions of your rooms.

Enhance the exterior spaces

Reveal the potential of a neglected exterior or garden! Transform an unkempt yard into a beautiful lawn, add a pool, trees, renovate a facade...

Declutter the rooms

Empty a room of all its furniture in minutes. Our AI will reconstruct the room and hidden elements to help you visualize and reveal the volumes of your spaces

Before / after
Downloadable PDF
Project web page

Export and share

Create your projects in a simple tool, and share your images on a personalized web page, or in PDF format. Help your client envision the project in any circumstance, remotely or during a visit, and sell more

Generate leads

Share a link allowing your prospects to renovate the visuals of your listings to their taste. You will then receive their contact details (name, email, phone) by email

Replace a floor / wall
Edit an item
Delete an item
Transform a drawing
Transform a 3D plan

There's more...

Many other features to help with projection are available: remove a small item, replace a floor or wall, modify an object, transform a drawing into a photo...

Renovate Club is your all-in-one toolbox for AI home staging, unlimited and accessible

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22 spots remaining this month

Only $9.99, unlimited

No credit system, no limits, no watermark, no commitment.

Renovate Club is guaranteed to be the most affordable and comprehensive on the market.


Rated Excellent on Trustpilot, used by 10000+ agents and representatives

Why choose Renovate Club?

No need to buy a plethora of tools... Renovate, furnish, design, and enhance your photos unlimitedly, for only $9.99

It's suitable for professionals as well as individuals!

Easy to use

Use our ergonomic interface on desktop and mobile, and follow our free training courses


Generate as many images as needed, all features are unlimited.


Our images provide a photorealistic and stunning rendering, to help your clients envision themselves.


Benefit from a unique rate with unlimited access, guaranteed the most affordable price on the market


Many layout and renovation features, including our exclusive 3D editor.

With great care

Our team is available via email, live chat, or phone to assist you

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22 spots remaining this month

How does your service work?

Upload a photo of your room and our AI will clear, furnish, and suggest designs tailored to your preferences.

What styles do you offer ?

We offer more than 80 styles, from modern to retro, including original designs, to suit your tastes.

What does the clear function do?

It virtually removes all the furniture from your photo and reconstructs the spaces, helping you envision the volumes

Can you furnish ?

Yes, we can furnish your living rooms, kitchens, and bedroom fully automatically, you don't have to do anything

Can I add furniture myself?

Yes, our 3D FastFiller editor allows you to add furniture to an empty room in just a few clicks.

Can I renovate an exterior?

Yes, you can renovate the exteriors, and even furnish them by adding a pool, grass, trees...

How to share my projects ?

Create a personalized webpage or export the details in PDF format to easily share your projects.

What are your rates?

Our offers are unlimited, the rates are $9.99 per month and $109.99 per year. Cancel anytime, no commitment.

How much does an image cost?

Our offers are unlimited, so there is no additional cost for an image. We do not charge per image or credit.

How to contact support?

Contact us via the chat at the bottom right of our site for any assistance or information. We are very responsive, don't hesitate!

How do you ensure quality?

Our AI generates high-quality designs in just a few minutes. If you are not satisfied with the image, you can regenerate it.

Why are the spots limited ?

We are opening our slots gradually to ensure a short generation time and responsive customer service


Renovate Club is rated Excellent on Trustpilot


Marine & Manuel Dolores

Just WOW! I mainly use the options to empty a room or redecorate them... and it's amazing, all that, at a blazing speed


J. B. Weiss

A friend introduced me to this site [...] AI, it's quite user-friendly, the possibilities are endless and the final project rendering is very realistic. Great site !!!!


Morgan Perret

Excellent platform, the best I know currently to help buyers visualize. Many styles and the design is very appealing


Ludivine Dentelle

Great app, very useful for visualizing an empty or poorly arranged space. I recommend it.


Renaud Carpentier

Great tool that allows me to transform interiors from the 1980s into real gems. Very easy to use.


Badis Mhadhebi

Ergonomic site and quick delivery of proposals. Perfect for getting a first impression of what a renovated apartment could look like

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